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How To achieve NP Independence 
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Value and Recognition 
of the NP Role
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Discover the fastest way to NP Independence and the reason you 
definitely WANT to do this

SECRET 1:  NP independence is the proven model of care to transform the recognition and value of the NP role and allow patients to have the patient-centred care they deserve.
Learn the proven model that will enable you to actually make money as an independent nurse practitioner. I'll share the little known secrets that will maximize your value and success as an NP and revive your love for your work again. 

SECRET 2: To ensure success as an independent NP, it requires critical mindset shifts and belief in the NP role.   
Understand why independence if the key and the critical mindset you MUST have to ensure success as an Independent Nurse Practitioner - The minute I adopted this way of thinking, Everything literally changed for me OVERNIGHT! 

SECRET 3: HoW I GET PATIENTS TO PAY ME WHAT I AM WORTH even though the walk-ins are free
Discover how to overcome this perceived barrier to successful NP Independent practice in Canada and learn that it is not truly a barrier at all.  

Welcome To The World Of  NP Independence
About Your Host
Diane cares deeply about people and is passionate about providing the best care for each patient she meets and she looks forward to helping you thrive as an Independent Nurse Practitioner.
Diane Gudmundson

Diane was a Nurse for 10 years and has now been a Family Nurse Practitioner for over 15 years. She treats patients of all ages and her special areas of expertise include but are not limited to:

* Family practice for all ages (from infant to elderly), prenatal and palliative care
* Teen health
* Women's Health - Bioidentical HRT, Thyroid, Adrenal Fatigue
* Chronic Disease Management (Cardiac,Respiratory, Diabetes, Thyroid and more…)
* Preventative care, nutrition and fitness
* Transforming your life from the Inside-out
* Mental Health (including ADD/ADHD)
Diane cares deeply about people and is passionate about providing the best care for each patient she meets. She looks forward to being able to continue her own life mission through providing tools, resources and knowledge to others who are passionate about providing excellence in patient care, helping them to also provide a legacy of compassionate care, growth and difference in the lives of others.
Diane was born and raised on a dairy farm and loves small town and country life. She enjoys playing piano, horseback riding, spending time with her grandson, and coaching and transforming women in their health and fitness journeys.
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